Coaching can be helpful for identifying and tackling certain problems that you are wanting to solve. This is a collaborative piece of work, where we look at your current patterns, behaviours and routines that may be keeping you stuck and create a specific plan of what you can change and do. This usually takes place over a number of structured sessions, including you completing focused tasks throughout the week.
Coaching can support you in a number of areas of your life, including business, relationships, health and many more.


It is an established form of psychological therapy. It can be helpful for those who may be experiencing complex mental health issues, illness and/or disabilities. It maybe useful when you have experienced some kind of trauma, such as abuse or complex grief. It can support you in overcoming your problems and create real change and growth. Helping to deepen your understanding of your emotions and experiences.

Art psychotherapy usually takes place weekly and can be short term, from six sessions or more. Long term typically is a year or longer. It can feel like an exposing process but the positive impact long term it can have are beneficial.